The Planning and Zoning office is responsible for the following functions that affect county property owners and residents

  1. Process applications for rezoning requests and zoning amendments
  2. Review simple plats and process minor and major subdivision plats
  3. Process applications for Variances and Special Use Permits
  4. Issue Zoning Certificates (Building Permits)
  5. Process applications for Flood Plain Development Permits, and
  6. Enforce the Zoning, Subdivision, Platting, Stormwater and Flood Plain Management Ordinances of Dubuque County

Two additional functions of the Planning and Zoning office are to maintain the Official Zoning Maps for Dubuque County and to keep the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Maps updated.

Every property in Dubuque County, outside of an incorporated area, is zoned one (or more) of fifteen (15) established districts. Regulations regarding each of these districts are spelled out in the Zoning Ordinance of Dubuque County. When someone comes into the Planning and Zoning office with plans for a piece of property, the current zoning and future planned use of that parcel are identified. Then the property owner is given instructions on what they need to do to put those plans in motion.

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