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New Voter ID Laws

Click to watch a video on the new Voter ID Laws, courtesy of the Johnson County Elections office

Precinct Information
Click on the link above to navigate to the Dubuque County Elections Precinct map.  Enter your home address (do not enter St, Ct, Rd, Ave, Dr, etc… after your address) into the Search box to find your polling place and a sample ballot.

Sample Ballot
Click on the link above to view your Sample Ballot.

Absentee Ballot Information
Can’t be there on election day? Take care of it ahead of time with an absentee ballot.

Iowa Voter Registration
You can’t make a difference if you don’t participate. Get registered today so you can vote in the next election.

3 year Elections Calendar
Primary and General election dates including Candidate filing periods and Voter pre-registration deadlines.

Elections Returns Archive
View results of past elections and follow results of current elections as they come in live.  Click the link above and look for the corresponding election in which you are interested.

Precinct Election Worker Brochure
Click on the link above to become an Election Worker. You can print off the form and mail it back to: Dubuque County Elections, 720 Central Avenue, Dubuque, IA  52001 or return the fillable brochure as an email attachment to