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Dubuque County Conservation Board would like to keep you in the loop.  This section is designed to allow the public to know what projects and programs are new in 2016!

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Frisbee Golf

Play Frisbee Golf?  Try our 2 new courses at Swiss Valley Park and New Wine Park!  Bring your ‘bees’ and test the course, tell us what you think!

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The frequently asked question (FAQ) section is designed to help you find the proper agency, group, or organization to help you obtain the information you need. The following questions are those that we receive, but are not our area of expertise, jurisdiction, or regulation.

Q. When are they stocking trout at Swiss Valley, Bankston, or Heritage Pond?
A. Trout are stocked by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Manchester Fish Hatchery. Swiss Valley and Bankston are usually stocked on a schedule from April to November. Heritage Pond is stocked during the winter months.  Click here for the Northeast Iowa Trout Stream Stocking Report.

Q. What are the hunting and fishing seasons for this year?
A. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is responsible for establishing hunting, fishing, and trapping seasons as well as wildlife-related law enforcement. The DNR officer for Dubuque County can be reached at his cellular number (563) 590-1945. The TIP (Turn in Poachers) hotline is 1-800-532-2020.
Fishing and hunting information may be found at:  www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/HuntingLicensesLaws/

Q. Who offers the Hunter Safety Course?
A. The hunter safety course is required for anyone born after January 1, 1967, in order to obtain a hunting license. Anyone age 11 and over may enroll in the course, but certification does not become valid until that person’s 12th birthday if they are 11. For statewide information on class dates and locations, you can call (515)281-5918. Or look online at:  http://www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/Hunter-Education In Dubuque County, classes are offered by various wildlife groups, Boys Club, and local high schools.

Q. Do you have any information about White Pine Hollow or Mines of Spain?
A. White Pine Hollow is located near Luxemburg, Iowa off Highway 3 and the Mines of Spain is located south of Dubuque off 52 South. Both of these areas are under the jurisdiction of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The local office for the IDNR is located at the E.B. Lyons Nature Center. That number is: (563)-556-0620.

Q. I am planning a trip to Dubuque County. How can I get information on places to stay and other area attractions?
A. We have information about camping, picnic and recreation facilities in the county and would be happy to send you that information. The Dubuque Convention and Visitors Bureau(563)557-9200, Iowa Welcome Center 1-800-798-8844, and the Dyersville Chamber of Commerce (563)875-2311 can provide you with information on hotels, restaurants, and other attractions in the area.

Q. How do I control erosion on my property? Or How do I get information on the CRP program?
A. The Natural Resources Conservation Service, which is located in Epworth, has staff with expertise in various soil and erosion topics. Their number in Dubuque County is (563)876-3418. The ASCS office number is (563)876-3328.

Q. I want to build a farm pond or have a pond and want to have it stocked. Who do I call?
A. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources Manchester Fish Hatchery has personnel who can give you information on farm pond construction and stocking. They can be reached at (563)927-3276.

Q. I believe someone is dumping toxic chemicals into a stream near my home. Who do I call?
A. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has an environmental compliance office in Manchester. They can be reached at (563)927-2640.

Q. How can I order tree seedlings and shrubs for wildlife plantings?
A. In addition to local nurseries, the State operates a nursery in Ames. Orders are taken every year during the winter for spring delivery. To order, call: (800)865-2477 Internet address: www.state.ia.us/dnr/organiza/forest/sdlng.htm The local NRCS District also sometimes offers plants for wildlife and windbreak plantings. Their number is (563)876-3418. An additional source for the conservation seedlings is Cascade Forestry Service, 21995 Fillmore Rd., Cascade, IA 52033, 563-852-3042.

Q. I am having problems with my trees/outdoor plants dying. Who can I call to find out what to do?
A. The County Extension Service office has personnel and contact people to help landowners with questions on identifying diseases in plants and insects that may ‘bug’ you. They can also work with you to identify soil types. The County Extension and 4-H office number is (563)583-6496 and is located on Highway 20 about three miles west of Dubuque.

Q. I lost my hunting license or Hunter Safety Certificate. Who do I call?
A. For special licenses, such as deer licenses, contact your County DNR officer. (563)590-1945 For Hunter Safety Certificates, contact you instructor and the DNR Des Moines office, licensing bureau. (515)281-7148. Call (563)590-1945 for a local DNR officer. Iowa DNR: http://www.iowadnr.com/

Q. What can I do to improve a forest on my property? How can I tell if I have trees that should be harvested?
A. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has a district forester to assist landowners with improving their timber resources and helping identify trees that can be sold. The phone number is (319)462-2768.

Q. Do you have information about Miller [River View] Park?
A. Miller River View Park is located on the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa. It is a facility of the City of Dubuque, Department of Leisure Services. Their number is (563)589-4263. Their information hotline number is (563)589-4386.