conservation_friends_logo_smallFRIENDS BOARD MEMBERS

President Russell Ginter
Vice President Paulette Lynn
Secretary Margie Fluhr
Treasurer Tom Hoelscher
Membership Chair Don Foley
Fishing Chair Bob Miller
Board Member Tom Cuvelier
Board Member Julie Kirschbaum
Board Member Steve Foley

Mission: Friends of DCCB, Inc is compromised of conservation Minded citizens of all ages concerned with maintaining and improving our County Parks through volunteerism.

Benefits: Receive a quarterly newsletter, become familiar with county properties and be advised on how tax dollars are allocated, volunteer and use your talents, meet new people with similar interests, and tax deductable donations!

Why Join: By joining the Friends you will have the opportunity to share your talents, meet people with similar interests, and do something positive for the environment and your community.

Meetings: Board Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Swiss Valley Nature Center. Everyone is encouraged to attend.  The annual meeting is the first Sunday in March at 1pm at the Swiss Valley Nature Center.