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Conservation Board Meeting Minutes

About the Conservation Board

The Dubuque County Conservation Board was created in 1957. Since that time the Board members, serving without pay, have supervised the acquisition and development of over 2,200 acres of parks, preserves, and recreation areas for Dubuque County residents and guests. The Conservation Board is supported in part by County tax funds, with the remainder of the budget originating in user fees, grant programs, and donations, all providing an investment in the future of Dubuque County.

The increasing leisure-time available to all segments of our society has resulted in an ever-growing demand for access to public outdoor recreation facilities. The Conservation Board program seeks to insure that in the future all Dubuque County residents and visitors may have ample opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational promise of the area. The Conservation Board invites you to show your support for their work by the responsible use of the County Parks. Enjoy them at every opportunity, and remember to leave them as you would like to find them.

Environmental Education

In 1990, outdoor recreational and educational goals were rewritten to include providing environmental education to all sectors of the population to not only educate the public on the natural resources of our area, but also to reduce vandalism and damage to natural areas and recreation sites; including the plants and animals who find a home in these areas. We hope to develop in those we serve an understanding of and respect for the value of open-spaces and facilities, and land stewardship toward private holdings.

The Swiss Valley Nature Preserve and nature center serves as the headquarters for much of the environmental education programming carried out by Conservation Board Staff. The Conservation Board also participates in a variety of conservation programs in cooperation with other agencies and individuals including the Forest Reserve Program, ‘Fish Iowa!’ equipment loan, tree and prairie planting equipment, and advice on development of wildlife habitat, prairie restoration, and wildlife rehabilitation.  Visit our nature center page to learn more about scheduling a visit or field trip.