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Nature Photography Contest Round 2

  1. Capture
  2. A maximum of 3 photos may be submitted. Please choose your category and upload your photo.
  3. Check the box applicable to you below. *
    1. Amateur* photographers only.
    2. 1) There is a limit of three photos per person. 
    3. 2) Photographs must be taken at any Dubuque County Conservation area or feature scenery, vegetation, wildlife or activities that would normally be found in the parks.
    4. 3) Photos may not be digitally altered beyond standard optimization. Alterations such as cropping or reasonable adjustments to exposure, color and contrast are acceptable, but all photographs must accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared.
    5. 4) Photographs featuring domestic animals, garden plants and annual flowers are not eligible in the Birds, Other Wildlife and Plants/Fungi categories.
    6. 5) Landscapes photographs may have contemporary, human-made objects (i.e. bridges, buildings, fences) or domestic plants or animals but they must not be the main focus of the picture.
    7. 6) All photographs are equally eligible and count as one entry for the random prize drawing and one entry for the People’s Favorite Award in either the Youth (under 18) or Adult divisions. 
    8. 7) Submitted photographs may be used, with photo credit, in publications and displays used by Dubuque County Conservation Board.
    9. 8) This contest is for fun and prizes are modest.

    *An amateur photographer is anyone who does not earn a significant amount of money as a photographer. We realize some amateur photographers have professional skills. Please use discretion in deciding if you should enter this contest. As a guideline, if you earn over $1,000 a year in photographic sales, you should not consider yourself an amateur for the purposes of this contest.

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