Dubuque County Conservation takes great pride in our parks and wildlife, making every attempt to offer the public a safe and beautiful place for all park and trail users. 

We offer numerous rental opportunities for special events and large and small group gatherings, such as enclosed facilities, open air shelters, cabins, and other spaces made available to the public.

EB Lyons

  • EB Lyons Auditorium
  • Woodland Pavilion

Finley's Landing Park

  • Finley's Pavilion

Graf Park Pavilion

  • Graf Pavilion

Mud Lake Park

  • Willow Pavilion

New Wine Park

  • Spruce Pavilion

Proving Grounds

  • Leaping Deer Pavilion

Swiss Valley Nature Center

Swiss Valley Park

  • Green Ash Pavilion
  • Sycamore Pavilion
  • Walnut Pavilion

The Bob Miller Cabin

  • Miller Cabin