Property and Evidence

The property and evidence function of the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office is part of the Criminal Investigation Division.  


Primary responsibilities include storing and maintaining property seized as evidence, turned over as found property, or held for safekeeping.  

Related responsibilities include submission of items to the state crime lab for testing, coordinating with the County Attorney's Office when items are needed as evidence in court, and disposal of items that are unclaimed and no longer needed, as permitted by state code.

  Property In Custody Form

The Dubuque Sheriff’s Office should issue a copy of a Property in Custody (PIC) form (inventory of the evidence) to anyone that property is taken from, regardless of the reason taken (if for some reason you do not receive one after evidence was taken from you please contact our office).  The back of the PIC form should contain the pertinent information on how to go about retrieving the property that was taken.

 Found Property

Found property turned in to the Dubuque Sheriff’s Office is maintained in accordance with Iowa Code. The Sheriff’s Office will attempt to contact the owner, if known. If the owner of the property is unknown, the property will be disposed of after a ninety (90) day holding period. If you find property that you would like to turn over to the Sheriff’s Office, please contact dispatch at 563-589-4415 at any time.

 If you have lost property and would like to inquire if it is in custody of the Sheriff’s Office, please call 563-582-1648 between 9 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday.

Printable Forms