K-9 Units

The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office started the K-9 program in 1994. K-9 units are trained in tracking and narcotics detection. They begin with 5 weeks of training with the handlers and then yearly training to maintain proficiency.


Our first K-9 Ordas started in 1994 and retired in 2002.

Midas and Deputy Ray Nicks

K-9 Midas replaced K-9 Ordas when he retired from service in 2002 and was partnered with Deputy Ray Nicks until Midas retired from service in 2008.

Tommy and Deputy Todd George

K-9 Tommy was added in 2002 and was partnered with Deputy Todd George until Tommy retired from service in 2009.

Starband - Sheriffs Office of Dubuque County

K-9 Roy was added when K-9 Midas retired and died while on duty on January 18th, 2009.

Fear and Deputy Joe Kennedy

K-9 Fear was added in March 2009 when K-9 Roy died and is currently on patrol with Deputy Joe Kennedy on the 3rd shift.

Spendow and Deputy Dan Kearney

K-9 Spendow was added when K-9 Tommy retired in 2009 and is currently on 2nd shift patrol with Deputy Dan Kearney.


K-9 Odim has been serving since December of 2014.


K-9 Mali has been serving since May of 2015.