2017 Falcons

Freshly Hatched Baby Falcon

In May of 2017, the Dubuque County Courthouse was the scene for the birth of a new baby falcon.  The 2017 Falcon Photo Gallery details this awesome event from eggs to flight.

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Notable Moments

  • May 1: Falcon eggs - three of them.
  • May 31: After a month of constant attention by her parents, Taylor is hatched. She will be the only egg that hatches.
  • June 5 (week 1): Taylor doubles in weight. It seems like she is always eating.
  • June 20 (week 3): Taylor is 10 times birth size. You can see the brownish juvenile feathers poking though the white fuzz.
  • July 5 (week 5): The white fuzz is completely replaced by feathers. You can see her jumping around and testing her wings.
  • July 15 (week 6): Now learning to fly, Taylor is found in the back parking lot unable to move with a badly bruised wing. Five days later, she has recovered.
  • July 29 (week 8): The family has taken flight from the Courthouse.
  • August 20: All three falcons are still being spotted around downtown Dubuque and are doing well.