Restrictions, Suspensions & Revocations of Permits


  • Permits are not valid when a person is under the influence or intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, or when there are any drugs in the person’s system. Many drugs remain in the body up to 30 days after ingestion
  • Permits are not valid in the following:
    • Airports
    • All federal buildings
    • Most State and local government buildings and property
    • On school property
    • Parks
    • Any place where the owner forbids the possession of a weapon.  A private property owner or business is entitled to ban weapons from their premises, and may legally ask you to remove a weapon from their premise, even if you have a valid permit

Note: Bringing a weapon into some businesses (i.e. convenience stores, banks) may invite a police response due to the nature of the business conducted or an employee’s concerns for their safety and the safety of their patrons.

Recognition of Permit

Permits in other states are recognized as valid; however, an Iowa permit is not necessarily recognized by other states. If travel is anticipated, it is wise to check the laws of the other jurisdictions to determine if an Iowa permit is recognized.

Suspension or Revocation of Permit

Violation of the terms of the permit or the occurrence of an event that makes a person ineligible for a permit (i.e, arrest for a disqualifying offense or act that causes the Sheriff to believe the permit holder may use a weapon unlawfully or in a manner to endanger the person’s self or others) will result in suspension of the permit until disposition of the matter.  At that time, the permit will be revoked, unless due to acquittal, the permit may be re-instated.

The Sheriff may conduct periodic checks to determine if suspension or revocation is appropriate.